The parent corporation for the following B2B companies:
Your agency’s missing superpower: 3D animation. 3D animation connects the dots between unlimited creativity and cutting-edge technology. Whatever is necessary to show off your clients’ products and services to their best advantage can be visualized in the unique worlds of 3D animation. Learn what’s possible to deliver a powerful marketing message for your clients when you work with our award-winning team.
360Civic works exclusively with public sector entities (school districts, utilities, municipalities) and nonprofit organizations. We provide award-winning website design and content, with CMS functionality that both simplifies content changes, and makes it easier for visitors to find the information they need.
360Circuits is a cutting edge marketing agency with a passion for electronics and technology. 360 delivers award-winning animated videos, lead-generating websites and complete marketing solutions to organizations within the electronics and technology industries. We understand your business, can tell your story in words and images, and grow your customer base.
Our 360Civic brand has completed major public sector website projects for such clients as the San Diego Unified School District.
The 360Circuits team works with major Fortune 500 corporations and global entities, as well as small companies and startups in the electronics and technology industries.
About 360BC Group, Inc.

360BC Group is a family of companies serving Fortune 500, startup and civic organizations since 2004.

Our first company, 360 Business Consulting, was founded on one simple premise: We get things done. Our marketing, sales and technology professionals looked at each client’s needs and objectives, and then designed a set of services to meet those needs.

Within our first year in business we had acquired our first Fortune 500 client, the Henkel Corporation.

In addition to working with the private sector, 360 also began to secure website projects for school districts, utilities and government entities. Our continued success inspired the creation of 360Civic, a company devoted exclusively to public sector entities.

Our Founders
Ron Zayas
Chief Strategist
Ron brings decades of expertise in marketing, advertising and e-commerce strategies to 360. He is the author of several popular business books.
Doug Dixon
Chief Operations Officer
Doug oversees the implementation of 360’s client marketing and technology programs, with particular focus on meeting client needs before, during and after each project engagement. He has worked in the electronics industry for over 30 years.
Bridget DiRico
Director of Government Contracts
Bridget manages RFP responses and strategy for government and other public sector projects.
Investment Opportunities Available

360BC Group, Inc. is a growing company that is always seeking new opportunities to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our dynamic growth over the past 15 years is attributable to ideas suggested by clients and employees, as well as outside investors seeking to leverage our infrastructure and experience to create a new niche or related service.

While we are a private company, we provide opportunities for both investment and full partnership in the creation of new product offerings, new services, and new divisions.

If you are interested in investment opportunities with 360BC Group, Inc., contact us.